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Influence marketing

Creative, native advertising for a loyal opinion leader audience.

Advantages of advertising through influencers

  1. Audience loyalty
  2. Native advertising in the format of storytelling
  3. Quick result
  4. Non-standard and creative presentation
  5. Direct communication with your audience
  6. Additional traffic to your Amazon listing
  7. Increasing audience recognition and loyalty to your product
  8. Fast start for new products entering the market

When to use influence marketing?
  • a product that is more often sold by recommendation
  • if the budget for external traffic is insufficient
  • for a new product that is just entering the market
  • complex product, the value of which needs to be conveyed to the user

70% of users listen to other people’s opinions. Most of us do not necessarily read reviews or watch overviews.
It is difficult to exaggerate the role and place of opinion leaders in today’s world. So why not use this resource for the benefit of your business?

Current concepts and proven advertising strategies that increase profits.

We Provide
Better Services For Your Business

We Provide
Better Services For Your Business
Current concepts and proven advertising strategies that increase profits.


For 7 years of working with businesses on Amazon, we managed to create an author's strategy for the profitable promotion of products on this platform. By working with us, you get not only our experience and a team of PPC specialists but also the most optimal and fastest solution to your problems, thanks to hypotheses tested over the years and the use of the budget.

Rational use of the budget

Experience working with multi-million dollar budgets is a big responsibility. Our approach is focused on ensuring that every dollar invested brings more results, even if you have a limited budget. To find the perfect strategy for promoting your business, we use the budget rationally and monitor the results at every step.

The principle of partnership

The search for the ideal solution is always due to many tests. Every week we make a detailed report on analyzing all our actions and results. We are sure that established communication and a polite attitude towards each other are the main components of successful cooperation. We are financially interested in increasing your profit, so achieving the desired result is our common goal.

  • Audience trust: Bloggers have their own audience that trusts them and follows their recommendations. If a blogger recommends a product on Amazon, it can have a high level of trust for their audience, who may perceive it as a personal recommendation and decide to purchase the product. People buy from people.
  • Target audience: Bloggers usually have a specific target audience that may be interested in certain products. This allows sellers on Amazon to further promote their products to a narrow and targeted audience for your product.
  • Influencers can offer special conditions for their audience on your product, such as discounts or promo codes for a specific product, which can persuade users to make a purchase and boost sales.
  • With visual advertising, bloggers can showcase all the benefits, how to use and demonstrate the product in action, which can help convince users of its quality and attract their attention.
  • Brand expansion: Advertising with bloggers can also help sellers on Amazon expand their brand and attract new customers who previously did not know about the product or brand.

With a good strategy and the proper selection of influencers, these business areas almost instantly receive increased requests.

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For the legal security of both parties, we do not disclose information about the client and his business. Everything we do, we do transparently in front of the client.

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Most common questions

There is no specific formula for calculating the price per publication. The final cost of the service depends on the following:
- Type of the customer's product;
- Current marketing state of the company;
- Advertising publications types and quantity;
- Specific goals of the strategy and the targets;

The main criterion for the effectiveness of advertising is payback. For an aggressive advertisement focused on sales growth, a successful placement can be when, within a week after its release, it can earn two to three times more than was spent. It is also worth considering the number of leads and new subscribers. They are potential future customers. To calculate the effectiveness of this parameter, we should divide advertising spending by the number of new leads/followers. And after this, compare the figure with the attraction cost through other sources. How much has increased the engagement rate in your account? The higher parameter means that your publications appear more frequently in subscribers' feeds. Therefore more attention will be received by your brand or product.
If you once placed an ad with two or three bloggers and have yet to get a tangible result, take your time to conclude that this tool is unsuitable for you. Perhaps you simply made a mistake with the choice of placements (or their format) or did not pay attention to developing a strategy. The best solution is to choose professionals! Their experience and knowledge will help you manage financial resources and time more rationally and obtain contractual guarantees of the quality of work.

A recommendation from well-known influencers looks organic and credible.
Collaboration with bloggers provides several significant advantages: an active target audience, a high engagement level;
A post looks like native advertising, similar to the usual author's articles. It does not allow subscribers to identify the message as "annoying advertising." Microbloggers have relatively small expenses
(and even barter). Sometimes, the long-term return on advertising is even higher than that of the "millionaires."
Among the shortcomings of cooperation with bloggers, it is worth highlighting the following points:
It is often quite challenging to find and negotiate with a good blogger.
The "stars" have big appetites.
There is a chance of falling for an unscrupulous performer.

We can guarantee the quality of traffic that will go to your listing. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee profitable sales because many factors are beyond our control and our responsibility. For example, market competition and product margin. But we always do our best to achieve the goals set at the beginning of work. We are always on the client's side and solve all issues together, as evidenced by our LTV of 21 months of average work with the client.

Case Study

Our Company
Case Study

Our Company
Case Study

Result in 12 month

Monthly AD sales increased by $759,407.73

Monthly AD spending increased only by $107,499.71

Client results

Monthly AD Spend $93,015.05 200,514.76
Monthly AD SALES $566,742.38 1,326,150.11
Monthly ACoS 16,41% 15,12%
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Result in 4 month

Monthly overall sales increased by $131,167,32

Monthly AD sales increased by $63,550.13

Monthly AD spending increased only by $25,064.71

Client results

Monthly Overall sales $43,413.13 174,580.45
Monthly AD Spend $8,407.05 33,471.76
Monthly AD SALES $17,921.34 81,471.47
Monthly ACoS 46,93% 41,08%
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