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Provides many tools

Listing creation

Creation of attractive and conversion pages

It doesn't matter how high-quality your product is or how professionally configured the advertising is if there is no listing optimization.

Listing creation is the first and most crucial step in creating your Amazon strategy.

Signs that your listing needs work

  • low CTR
  • there is advertising, but there is no result
  • low conversion
  • the product is not indexed by the relevant query
  • sales problems

What is included in the service?
  • Checking the quality of photos and improving them
  • Working with the number of reviews and their quality
  • Writing title, bullets, description, and search terms
  • A/B testing
  • A+ content
  • Product Description
  • Analysis of competitors
  • A+ content design
  • SEO optimization

*Photography not included – Digital work only.

Current concepts and proven advertising strategies that increase profits.

We Provide
Better Services For Your Business

We Provide
Better Services For Your Business
Current concepts and proven advertising strategies that increase profits.


For 7 years of working with businesses on Amazon, we managed to create an author's strategy for the profitable promotion of products on this platform. By working with us, you get not only our experience and a team of PPC specialists but also the most optimal and fastest solution to your problems, thanks to hypotheses tested over the years and the use of the budget.

Rational use of the budget

Experience working with multi-million dollar budgets is a big responsibility. Our approach is focused on ensuring that every dollar invested brings more results, even if you have a limited budget. To find the perfect strategy for promoting your business, we use the budget rationally and monitor the results at every step.

The principle of partnership

The search for the ideal solution is always due to many tests. Every week we make a detailed report on analyzing all our actions and results. We are sure that established communication and a polite attitude towards each other are the main components of successful cooperation. We are financially interested in increasing your profit, so achieving the desired result is our common goal.

Why Amazon advertising?

Amazon is dominant in e-commerce, with a vast geography and significant growth opportunities.

Below are the statistics that prove it.

What does work on advertising consist of?

  • Audit and recommendations on the product listing
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Creating and implementing a promotion strategy on Amazon
  • Selection of the most effective products for paid promotion
  • Creation of Sponsored Products + Sponsored Brands campaigns with various settings + Sponsored Display
  • A test of betting strategies
  • Optimization of bids
  • Testing several approaches to bidding to choose the most effective one for your business.
  • Analysis of search queries
  • Improving traffic quality
  • Keyword collection and testing
  • Focus on TACoS, ROAS, CTR, and many other indicators


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How we work

Fill out
the form

Leave your contacts in any form on the site or in the contacts section.

Choose the time and book the call

Please choose a convenient time, and our manager will contact you. This call will be for preliminary information.

Сall to get acquainted

After processing and analyzing your ad, you will talk with our manager.

Audit and its presentation

We will analyze mistakes and new opportunities for the growth of your business.


For the legal security of both parties, we do not disclose information about the client and his business. Everything we do, we do transparently in front of the client.

of work

Step by step, test by test, with the help of our experience and team of specialists, we will move towards the set goal.

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Most common questions

Amazon PPC is an advertising system created by Amazon that shows ads taking into account the auction. Each advertiser bids on keywords relevant to the product they are selling. The combination of the most relevant keyword query of the advertised listing and the highest bid (with correct placement) will determine which product ends up on the first page of search results.

It all depends on the budget used, whether you have run ads before, the competitiveness of your product, the number of reviews, the quality of the listing and description, and the presence of A+ content.
The type of advertising being used should also be considered. An automated advertising approach is suitable for discovering demand on Amazon. With automated campaigns, it takes a few days to get the first results and understand if the ad is moving in the right direction. The manual setup takes a little longer to get the first results.

ACoS (advertising cost of sales) - the ratio of money spent on advertising to advertising sales. It is calculated according to the formula "ad cost/profit * 100". For example, if you spent $100 on advertising and sold $1,000 worth of products, your ACoS would be 10%. The lower the ACoS, the higher the return on your advertising. There is no single right decision as to which ACoS is positive and which is not. Breakeven must be taken into account.

Advertising on Amazon works on a pay-per-click and impression basis. You pay for advertising if a user clicks on or sees your ad. Also, you can independently determine the daily budget that will be used.

The cost of the service and the advertising budget depend on the project's KPI goals. We will analyze your account and advertising and make you a personal offer. We will also show the results of our customers to understand what can be achieved with us. We suggest starting with an audit and leaving a request for a personal call with our manager for consultation.

A specialist with experience in your niche, with a clear understanding of the step-by-step actions that will lead to the result, will work on your project. Also, we constantly monitor specialists' workloads so that it is always possible to make changes to advertising as quickly as possible, to be in touch for quick communication, and, if necessary, to explain what is happening with advertising and the current indicators. Waiting for an answer or corrections for a few days is definitely about something other than us, and we always follow this up.

We can guarantee the quality of traffic that will go to your listing. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee profitable sales because many factors are beyond our control and our responsibility. For example, market competition and product margin. But we always do our best to achieve the goals set at the beginning of work. We are always on the client's side and solve all issues together, as evidenced by our LTV of 21 months of average work with the client.

Case Study

Our Company
Case Study

Our Company
Case Study

Result in 12 month

Monthly AD sales increased by $759,407.73

Monthly AD spending increased only by $107,499.71

Client results

Monthly AD Spend $93,015.05 200,514.76
Monthly AD SALES $566,742.38 1,326,150.11
Monthly ACoS 16,41% 15,12%
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Result in 4 month

Monthly overall sales increased by $131,167,32

Monthly AD sales increased by $63,550.13

Monthly AD spending increased only by $25,064.71

Client results

Monthly Overall sales $43,413.13 174,580.45
Monthly AD Spend $8,407.05 33,471.76
Monthly AD SALES $17,921.34 81,471.47
Monthly ACoS 46,93% 41,08%
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