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January 29, 2023 0 Comments

How to become a seller on Amazon?

It doesn’t matter if you have your business and want to transfer it to the marketplace or if you’re beginning out and have yet to decide what to sell. Amazon is a convenient and popular platform that allows you to quickly promote your page. Get a base of loyal customers from the first days, and earn $1,000 in just a few months. All you need is to become a seller on Amazon. And though the method of registration and filling out the page isn’t thus sophisticated, we advise you to inform yourself of the actual algorithmic rule. It’ll assist you step-by-step in beginning your business from scratch on the foremost widespread commerce platform within the USA.   
Determine the product that you will sell
If you still don’t have a product but are sure that you want to become a seller on Amazon, you need to decide on the category of goods you will sell on the site. Ideas can be taken from anywhere, but the best thing is to analyze the market and understand what is currently being sold, even without excessive advertising. Flip through the pages of, for example, the Alibaba site. There, you will definitely find something that can be distributed through Amazon.  
Test what is best to sell on Amazon and order the product
How to understand what product to sell to earn money on Amazon? To do this, you can use research that shows what is best to sell on Amazon. Therefore, when you have chosen a product, for example, on Alibaba, check whether something similar is sold on the leading American marketplace. Explore everything: product cost, seller ratings, customer reviews, and more. Of course, it is also essential to test the selected product yourself. Order several of its samples, not for sale but for quality control. Only by using the product will you understand whether it fulfills its primary task. If so, let’s move on.  
How to create an account on Amazon for sellers?
And now you have decided on the product category and even ordered its first batch. What to do next and how to sell on Amazon? Of course, create your own page. To do this, you first need to select the type of account. There are only two types of it:
  1. Individual. Registering such an account allows you to sell up to 40 products on your page. A commission of $0.99 will be charged for each product sale. Using an individual account is free. It is relevant for sellers who sell a few expensive goods.
  2. Professional. There are no restrictions on the number of goods on the page. In addition, this registration principle does not charge a commission for sales on Amazon. A professional page costs $40/per month. We recommend starting with a professional account especially if you immediately want to sell a wide range of goods.
Fill out your own page
Of course, more than just registering an account is required. Trading is a type of business, so you must have the appropriate permits and licenses. Register your trademark and link it to Amazon before trading on the site. The marketplace can also ask:
  • your passport data;
  • bank card details and account number;
  • current phone number.
Once you have filled in all the information about yourself as a seller, you can start filling out the page. To do this, you need to conduct a photo session of your product make sure that the photos are professional. The low quality of pictures showing the product harms sales. It is better to take photos from different angles so that buyers can see the product in detail. In addition to the visual part, you need to have the text. It would help if you created a detailed description for each product. It states:
  • purpose of the product;
  • its characteristics: color, dimensions, weight;
  • benefits;
  • rules of use, etc.
Of course, the final version of the description will depend on the specific product category. From the technical side, each description must have the following:
  • title here, you can specify the name of the brand and the product;
  • Bullet Points an explanation of benefits that encourages buyers to pay attention to goods;
  • description of all technical details of the product.
If you have registered your trademark on Amazon, you can use A+ content. It allows you to add photos or video content to the product description. Each product sold on Amazon has a separate category. This makes it easier for customers to find the product they need. You can familiarize yourself with which goods belong to another category on the website and choose it correctly.  
Choose the order fulfillment method
The very first orders can come even before the promotion of the product: the appearance of advertising, optimization of text content, etc. In this case, you must understand precisely how you want to process the order. There are several solutions offered by Amazon for sellers:
  1. You can handle all customer communications — pack and ship orders, process product returns and exchanges, accept payments, etc. For this, think about where your product will be placed. You may need to allocate a separate warehouse for its storage.
  2. FBA program. This offer from Amazon allows the seller to delegate all matters related to customer communication and order processing. How will this happen? You must send the entire product to be stored in Amazon’s warehouses. The company’s employees will pack the order, send it to customers, process all complaints and returns/exchanges of goods, and accept payment to their accounts and from their deal with refunds if necessary. This significantly simplifies the conduct of business.
Promote your product on Amazon
Having figured out how to be a seller on Amazon, you can move on to improving sales and bringing your store to the top. Today, the site sells various categories of goods. And even in one of these categories, dozens of sellers can work. So it’s evident that you need to stand out from your competition. Several strategies can be developed for this:
  1. Product description optimization. For a product to sell well, its description should contain a detailed list of all the benefits, features, and keywords. What is it? Keywords are phrases that buyers typically use when searching for a product. For example, “vanilla scented candle” or “white wooden bookshelf.” Keywords can be indexed on particular services or with the help of SEO specialists. Optimization also includes improving the headings they should be relevant and clear.
  2. Advertising on Amazon. Suppose you have been doing business on Amazon for several months or years. In that case, you can try to order their page advertising. Ensure you have enough customer reviews the more reviews you have, the better your account will rank.
  3. Promotion of the store on third-party resources. Yes, Amazon is the most popular online store in the United States. However, this does not mean that advertising your product should not go beyond it. You can create brand pages on social networks, set a target, or promote your store among your followers. 
Ideally, use various approaches. For example, content optimization and Amazon advertising promotion. Such a strategy allows you to attract the attention of a more significant number of potential customers. Competition in the field of e-commerce is increasing every day. Moreover, you can register on various platforms and start trading in a few minutes. But this does not mean at all that it is too late to open your business on Amazon. If you design the page correctly, choose the product category in advance and figure out how to promote the product, you will be able to get regular customers and a stable profit in just a few months. 

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