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January 29, 2023 0 Comments

How to choose a product to launch on Amazon?

New sellers on Amazon often face the problem of deciding on a product to sell. It is good if you already have ideas to implement or have purchased or created the necessary goods in advance. But, if you want to join Amazon and don’t know exactly what products you will sell, it is better to analyze the market first. There are some really profitable products that, even with minimal advertising and promotion costs, will give relatively high sales. We have collected practical recommendations and effective methods for finding the best-selling product on Amazon.  
Criteria for choosing the best-seller product on Amazon
Suppose you are looking for your first product or have previously made launches that turned out to be unsuccessful. In that case, you need to look closely at the criteria for finding a profitable product. As a basis, you can use the Helium 10 program, which has both paid and completely free options that help sellers. Of course, for a better analysis, the program’s full functionality is required. Therefore, spending money on a paid subscription is better it will definitely pay off in the future. A mistake when choosing a product will definitely cost more than a one-time subscription. By the way, Helium 10 exists as a particular site and an extension for the Chrome browser. So, let’s consider the product search criteria for Amazon.  
The best option is from $20 to $60. Why exactly? You will need more margin to run the ad when you charge less. As for the higher sales price from 60 dollars and more the purchase process becomes more complicated. You will need a much more significant amount to purchase a large batch of goods.  
Product dimensions
It is possible to develop a future strategy for selling oversized goods. However, initially, it is better not to place a product whose weight exceeds 1-2 kg. It should not be too big or too heavy. Even if the product is light but bulky (for example, pillows), it is better to postpone it until you gain more experience. With oversized or heavy goods, there may be problems with delivery because the service will charge a higher cost of transportation. Especially if you require air delivery, which is much faster but more expensive.  
Product category
Listing profitable and optimal categories for the first launch is long and unnecessary. It is better to focus on those that should definitely be avoided:
  1. Biologically active supplements (BADs). This category is quite popular on Amazon, so the competition will be too high. This also increases the advertising budget you will have to invest more money promoting the store.
  2. Clothing. Why is it? First, the presence of a size grid means you will need to order a larger batch of the product for each size. Also, the highest percentage of product returns is observed here. Buyers have a habit of buying several things to try on or several sizes at a time and returning what they don’t like or don’t fit.
  3. Electronics. Many factory defects can be observed here. And this means additional product returns.
  4. A product that requires certification. This is a separate group of products from Medicine, Children’s products, etc. Their sale requires a different license, the registration of which is quite expensive. And it will need to be done in advance even before the first launch on Amazon. If sales do not meet expectations, and you have to change the niche, it will turn out that you spent a few tens of dollars on certificates in vain.
Features of the best-seller product launch on Amazon
Let’s analyze how to search for a best-seller product on Amazon using the extension on Chrome Helium 10. First, you need to download and install it. After that, open the app and log in with Amazon. After that, you can start searching for different products. To do this, enter ideas for sales in the search bar and study the output results. Helium 10 can be helpful even if you still need specific ideas. Start by writing everything you see in front of you any essential items: from dishes to home textiles or toys. So you can find exciting products and original categories that will inspire you to create your store on Amazon. Why do you need to download the Helium 10 extension? Thanks to it, you will be able to monitor and analyze the following indicators:
  1. The volume of the niche. Find out how many sales of a separate group of products are made in total on the first page.
  2. Competitors’ statistics. You can find out the market volume of each particular seller and see data on his sales during the month.
  3. Commission from Amazon. It is better to find out what commission the marketplace will charge for the product at its price.
  4. The product’s appearance on store shelves the exact moment it began to be sold, the dynamics of sales, etc.
All you need to do is define a high-frequency keyword for the selected product and enter it in the search bar. Helium 10 will display all information about the product on Amazon.  
How to analyze the search results of Helium 10?
It is not enough to look at the output results that the Helium 10 extension offers to a single product or category. To find the best-selling product on Amazon, you need to be able to analyze information. For this, we recommend paying attention to the following aspects:
  • on the first page, the volume of all sales by all sellers is from 200,000 dollars;
  • the first page presents 2-3 sellers who have started sales within the last year;
  • on the first page, some sellers have up to 100 product reviews.
Why are these criteria so critical? It’s simple! Amazon’s specific categories boast great sales. However, we should delve deeper into the store’s history. In that case, we will learn that it has been operating for many years. They usually have several thousand reviews, and the creation date was more than 4-5 years ago. If only such sellers were on the first page of the issue, it means that, for some reason, the new stores could not break through the competition. Therefore, it will be almost impossible for you during the first launch to move such competitors.  
What does sales volume mean?
Remember that when analyzing the sales volume, it is essential to look at the organic results rather than the first advertising results. Large stores established for a long time can be beaten in advertising. Your niche for analysis is the first 5-6 stores that the organic search shows. What to pay attention to when analyzing sales volume? Some criteria will be helpful to you. For example, the optimal amount is 10,000-100,000 dollars of sales per seller. If all stores have sales of more than 100,000 dollars, it is better to avoid entering this niche for the first launch. After all, you will need to use a more significant amount of funds to start. There is also a situation where among the five stores that got to the organic results, 2 stores sell goods for an amount that coincides with the above range. While 3 other stores trade for amounts below $10,000. There is such a tendency that these 2 stores have taken the central part of the customers and do not allow other sellers to make their way in this category. You’ve found the best option if all 5 sellers are in the $10,000 to $100,000 range. In this case, stores distribute sales equally among themselves. Even if a few will have slightly higher sales, investing in the range we indicated will not be critical. You can launch your product and promote it, getting a result.  
When were the sellers launched is this an important indicator?
Why did merchant launch date analysis become one of our categories? It is crucial not only that they were launched a few months ago. It would help if you saw at what price they sell their products. This is how you will understand whether you can start sales at the exact cost of the product. To do this, find suppliers before selling products on Amazon. So you can find out at least the previous price and compare it with the cost of goods in the store that has been launched recently. Consider:
  • cost;
  • delivery;
  • Amazon commission;
  • advertising budget.
If you end up with money left over, this product is cost-effective.  
Amazon at the TOP of the niche: what to do?
If you have chosen a product category and, during the startup ROI check, you find that Amazon is the top seller in that same niche, it is better to look for another idea. In this case, the marketplace will take over the leading sales due to the low price. Amazon is one of the biggest buyers. When ordering goods from suppliers, the service pays the minimum price. Therefore, it is possible to display the minimum cost of the product on the website. This makes other stores in this category uncompetitive.  
What role do reviews play when launching the best-selling product on Amazon?
Another essential criterion we should specify is the reviews left by buyers on individual products. So if you have found your category and suppliers, see what comments customers make. Suppose the product rating is less than 3 stars, and the comments describe more disadvantages than advantages. In that case, it is better to abandon this idea and look for other niches. Of course, you can order a product and improve it later. After analyzing the negative reviews, ensure that your customers do not experience these disadvantages. For example, problems with packaging, extraneous odors on the goods, or an incorrect description. You can significantly improve the quality of the product and sales in your store by correcting such minor defects. And lastly, before starting sales, create an Excel table in which you specify the main parameters for product search (the ones we described above). When analyzing different categories of products, put the scores in the table to draw an objective conclusion later.

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