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January 29, 2023 0 Comments

Reasons Why Experience with Amazon PPC Agency Is Best For Your Brand

When it comes to selling on Amazon, it’s no longer a question of whether or not you should use pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The question is, who should handle Amazon PPC campaigns for your brand? Some companies rely on their staff. Others decide to opt for an experience with Amazon PPC agencies. Creating Amazon PPC campaigns might seem straightforward, and some companies might wonder why they should work with Amazon PPC agencies. The things that appear simple on the surface are more complex when you dig deeper into managing them.   Working with the top-recommended Amazon PPC agencies puts money in your pocket. Rather than managing all work independently, working with an Amazon PPC agency can help your business achieve better results. To find out why the experience with an Amazon PPC Agency is the best for your small or large business project, let’s consider why your next call will be to the top-recommended Amazon PPC agency. 
Business Owner vs Amazon PPC Agency
Some business owners decide they have enough knowledge and motivation to manage ads on their own. However, knowing your company’s products and the features making your offers better than competitors’ is not enough to run successful Amazon PPC campaigns. Let’s consider the main reasons why you should try the experience of working with an Amazon PPC agency.  An Amazon PPC agency will devote more time to managing your ads. Business owners are experienced only in their specific topics and product categories. They can spend time setting up and editing ad campaigns only when they have time and find it convenient. An Amazon PPC agency will work all working hours on every project they take care of. They have experience in other categories. Business owners can get valuable recommendations from PPC experts. Besides, the agency always follows the latest trends and innovations. It knows all the new features and keeps a close eye on updates from Amazon about advertising.   
Company’s Staff vs Amazon PPC Agency
A company’s staff can manage an Amazon account and manage all products presented on it. Managing a small account is easier and handled by someone who takes the first steps with Amazon PPC ads. It’s fine if this works for a brand; they can spend time and money letting staff manage their ads. When you work with a large Amazon account, employees’ experience is less than those of Amazon PPC agencies. They need to be made aware of all the new strategies and approaches to managing ads. If you hired people in February, they need to gain experience working with Q4. An average Amazon PPC agency has three years of experience and knows how to work in different seasons.  Besides, it’s all about gaining new knowledge and experience. Company employees may take some courses to gain new knowledge and experience, but they do not do so regularly. The agency is trained at least once a month and has information from various sources.   
Freelancer vs Amazon PPC Agency
It’s become trendy and cost-effective to work with freelancers. Companies can hire them to do different types of remote work, ranging from writing texts to providing customer support services.  A freelancer can have experience with different projects. Cooperation with freelancers is often a bad experience because they manage many projects simultaneously. They are more likely to spend more time on the account with problems than the one where all the processes are set up and smoothly run.  Regarding communication, freelancers are unlikely to give weekly reports and make calls with you. With the agency, you will always be aware of the latest news, updates, etc.  
Software vs Amazon PPC Agency
There are certain advantages of using software for ads campaigns management. The software does a lot of programmed actions every day in a short period. However, it has several major disadvantages. 
  • It should be properly configured to bring you the desired results. It is usually difficult for the seller to do it the first time because he can specify the rules, which can lead to bad results.
  • The software does not work to add negative keywords to campaigns. For example, if a keyword worked well on day 1, it may show a worse result on day 2. Once the keyword stops bringing good results, the software disables it according to its rules. However, it doesn’t enable it back again after some time. An Amazon PPC agency always knows what keywords work best. If a keyword doesn’t work well for a few days, a PPC expert will turn it off for a few days and then turn it on again. That’s because PPC agencies better know why certain keywords don’t work well during certain periods and what can be done to gain better results. 
Amazon PPC Assistant vs  Amazon PPC Agency
Amazon may also provide companies with PPС assistants. Amazon is interested in advertising. They need to understand your categories and products. They cannot give recommendations in controversial situations. That’s why trying the experience with an Amazon PPC agency can be a better option.  These are some of the major reasons working with Amazon PPC agencies is a better choice for companies of all scales and topics. If you have decided the experience with Amazon PPC agency is what you are looking for, the points discussed in this article should come in handy. 
Ivan Marynych
Amazon PPC

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