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January 29, 2023 0 Comments

Amazon PPC expert — what does he do?

Taking advantage of Amazon and increasing sales volume is quite simple. But only on the condition that you choose the correct management and find a professional agency. When you are interested in finding an Amazon PPC consultant for your business, you may wonder how such experts work. You need to know the work of specialists in this field. To find out exactly how Amazon PPC experts work, we will provide examples of the work algorithms of our agency’s specialists. Let’s start with the work plan and the tools they use.  
Features of Amazon PPC consultant work
If one specialist deals with several accounts, there will be a separate plan for each. At the same time, when several specialists work on the same account, they must coordinate all their actions and adhere to the general schedule. We consider a simple situation — when one specialist works on one account. It is worth noting that the actions performed by a specialist can be divided into several areas:
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • annual etc
To effectively perform their tasks of promoting products on the platform, Amazon PPC experts undergo training at least 2 times a year. Specialists must have up-to-date knowledge that will allow them to use advertising opportunities best. Therefore, one of the training programs should be directly from Amazon, and the second should be from experts with extensive experience in implementing solutions on this platform. At least once a year, a specialist must get a vacation. He must have time to rest to avoid losing motivation for work due to fatigue. Working with information requires attention and careful study of a lot of data. Therefore, the Amazon PPC manager must receive vacation on time.  
Annual results
Every year, a specialist working on promoting products on Amazon must sum up. He is interested in advertising indicators for this period:
  • the number of advertising impressions;
  • costs for creating and conducting advertising campaigns;
  • average CPC in the niche;
  • clicks or number of links;
  • CTRs etc.
All these indicators allow him to conduct a detailed analysis. Thus, the expert can predict how all these factors will change. Therefore, considering these circumstances, he will be able to make better decisions for promoting products on Amazon in the future.  
Quarterly analysis of marketing strategy from Amazon PPC experts
Each quarter is a significant period for the company’s profitability. Therefore, during this period, the specialist provides strategic recommendations. They may refer to adjustments to the existing advertising strategy. Also, he can use new methods to increase the demand for your goods. For example, the specialist recommends running Lighting Deals. This is a tactic thanks to which goods are promoted in search rankings. It is carried out by reducing the prices of some items. However, this tool should be used with caution. The specialist who handles your Amazon marketing strategy knows how to set up this feature to make it profitable. He also knows how to analyze the seasonality of sales of individual products — when certain groups sell worse and when they do better. Therefore, you can see when and how they should be offered to consumers to increase profits. Every quarter, a specialist needs to analyze Amazon updates because this directly affects the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. These may be new features and capabilities of the platform. They must be analyzed and tested in advance. It is also necessary to study the impact of updates on indicators. Quarterly reports are generated. Reports are essential in setting up a marketing strategy because a specialist can compare them and adjust further actions for product promotion.  
Amazon PPC manager monthly tasks
One of the leading monthly tasks is compiling up-to-date reports. By comparing them with reports for the previous month and for the same period last year, the specialist receives enough information to coordinate further actions. The manager analyzes the top positions and the functions that best affect their promotion. It can explore not only the entire account. A specialist creates an advertising launch plan for new products every month. He needs to know what products you plan to add to the assortment. Thanks to this, their marketing strategy will be developed in advance. An expert analyzes old advertising campaigns monthly. Some of them may have worked in the past but were disabled after they stopped behaving effectively. It is necessary to test them under new circumstances, and it may make sense to use these companies again. You also need to add reporting campaigns for new products. Every new product means new metrics to track and new competitors. This requires careful tuning of keywords and other metrics.  
Weekly Amazon promotion expert tasks
The manager creates reports that reflect the previous week’s performance every week. This allows you to actively observe the dynamics of changes in various indicators. Based on the reports, the specialist notices various patterns and can study the influence of indicators on each other. When generating reports, the manager considers that Amazon provides data with a delay. It is usually about 72 hours, so information that is compiled manually by specialists is generated on Wednesday. Every week, a semantic analysis is performed for the launch of new products, a collection of negative keywords, and a group of competitors. The specialist creates the structure of campaigns and optimizes them. Also, the manager’s duties include creating a plan for the launch of new products for the week every Monday. Twice a week, the Amazon PPC manager makes a general optimization of all campaigns. He checks the indicators, adds new keywords and negative words, configures and adjusts some tools’ work, and makes budget changes. That is, it fully optimizes the advertising strategy. Weekly tasks include competitor analysis. The manager studies the main competitors according to various indicators. Typically, these are product price fluctuations, placed at the top, etc. The specialist may also be interested in whether competitors change product photos or provide more favorable discounts than your brand.  
Daily tasks
A specialist analyzes “yesterday’s” indicators to optimize some campaigns every day. To do this, he needs to use the targeting settings. It is also necessary to monitor PPC Budgets so that advertising works daily and correctly. A specialist’s work on an advertising strategy for your brand consists of tasks that must be performed regularly and carefully. To do this, need to analyze metrics and work on many tasks to promote and expand your business on Amazon.

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