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July 21, 2022 0 Comments

Best Amazon PPC agency in the UK

When looking for the best Amazon PPC agency UK keep an eye on a few nuances. These are a kind of marker, thanks to which you get enough information about the company’s reliability and competence. Analysis of the experts requires a lot of time because there will be a lot of listed criteria. But this approach will save you from disappointment and irrational use of funds for your marketing strategy.
Work experience of Amazon PPC agency UK
Does the agency have experience working in European markets, particularly in the UK? Does the company have successful cases in the Eurozone that it can demonstrate to you? When trying to find the best specialists for your business, professionals with valuable experience working with the audience you’re interested in are preferred. Thanks to them, you can get a more effective solution for a specific area. Why is it essential to choose companies with positive work experience directly in the European zone? You will be sure that specialists provide services focused on a specific buyer and therefore bring results. Some companies allow you to immerse yourself in their experience and are happy to show case studies of projects that have been completed before. In some places, you can even find case studies.  
Comfort when communicating with agency specialists
Does the agency have employees who work in your time zone (or with a difference of plus or minus 2 hours) to be in constant contact with you? It is best to choose a company in the Eurozone. For example, one of our offices is in Ukraine, so you can consider it a suitable contractor location. You will have a bonus because specialists will continuously contact you.  
Analysis of feedback from customers
The quality and quantity of reviews, especially on third-party resources, are parameters whose value cannot be overstated. An organization that responds to reviews, works with them and makes adjustments to its work thanks to them is a real professional. It is worth looking at what is written on the company page. Analyze other resources using Google and social networks. We recommend using the Clutch service. Give preference to independent sources because companies like to leave “sterile” reviews and good ratings on their sites. Usually, this approach only annoys the potential client, who can recognize reality and wants to create a positive image of himself. Therefore, you should spend time looking for comments about the services of your chosen specialists in other sources.  
The advantage of highly specialized agencies that work with Amazon
Before considering the contractor as a potential candidate, it is worth answering the question. How highly specialized and targeted is the company at Amazon? You can find quite a few teams that do a lot of things, and they have advantages, but not in this case. For Amazon, it is vital to have a focused approach to developing a marketing strategy. This is the main plus, which means the competitiveness of solutions. Typically, effective integrated solutions on all digital commerce platforms are offered only by experienced market players. At the same time, boutique agencies that focus on one direction usually have much more profound knowledge of a specific niche. Remember this, so give preference to companies with a narrow specialization if you want to avoid experiments with your funds and time.  
Estimate the cost of services and the number of staff
How big is the agency you plan to apply to? Experience tells us that the more specialists there are, the better. You can choose “compact” firms that provide services because you hope the team will fully immerse themselves in solving your task. This is not always true. Small agencies spend less time on the client and can do it poorly because they are often just newcomers to the service market. The cost of services gives you helpful information about how the company positions itself. Low prices are typical for beginners, while professionals offer more options and demand more money for their work. To assess the prospects of cooperation with the team, carefully approach the following questions:
  • How does the agency respond?
  • Is she always in touch?
  • How long does it take for them to respond?
It is easy to follow the listed trends from the beginning of communication with the organization’s representatives. Suppose the messages remain unread for 1-2 days. In that case, there is a high risk that the relationship with the customers of the company representatives could be more responsible.  
Conduct your own candidate-match research
You should make your own process of hiring Amazon PPC agency UK services – quite simple and conditional. Create a whiteboard with the agencies you are considering and analyze the 15-20 criteria you will track. We advise you to specify the following parameters:
  • Experience;
  • Availability of cases in the UK;
  • Cost of services;
  • The ratio of good and bad reviews;
  • Availability of feedback;
  • Type of marketing agency;
  • Target audience;
  • Availability of recommendations from referrals;
  • The activity of the company in social networks;
  • Portfolio quality;
  • The speed of responses from representatives of Amazon PPC agency London (or any other city in the UK, European countries).
The list is approximate and can be supplemented with essential points. It should be noted that combining the analysis with the portfolio study is best. Pay attention to what niches the team specializes in. How comprehensively are use cases described? Are there customer contacts so that future customers can contact them? It is worth looking for the information trail of candidates and paying particular attention to communication with each of them. Studying the listed materials allows potential customers to decide whether to choose a specific marketing agency. You can notice the company’s performance and understand how high-quality the services are.  
Ivan Marynych
Amazon PPC

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