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January 29, 2023 0 Comments

Best Amazon PPC agency — trust in ratings or cases and approach to work

Suppose this is the first time you plan to set up advertising on Amazon and promote your store. In that case, you need to carefully consider the choice of marketing strategy. In case of a lack of experience, it is better to trust professionals and contact an advertising agency. However, here, too, difficulties await sellers. Many companies are engaged in promotion on Amazon, and choosing one is more challenging than it seems. What do you need to look for to find real PPC experts on Amazon? We have already considered this issue in another article. Now we dwell on how to analyze cases and reviews on the network to avoid mistakes and determine which Amazon PPC agency is best for your store.  
Why are Amazon advertising agencies needed?
The main task of all agencies that direct their activities to the Amazon marketplace is to promote the product and the store, increase the number of potential customers, and, accordingly, sales. Good advertising can distinguish the seller from competitors and attract the target audience’s attention. And experienced marketers working in a PPC agency know how to set up all the tools on the Amazon website. Marketing companies consider everything:
  • rules for creating ads;
  • branding;
  • search results and improving the visibility of the store.
  In addition, they are constantly updating their knowledge of promotion strategies and closely monitoring Amazon’s changing policies. It is necessary to stay one step ahead and update advertising campaigns as needed.  
How to analyze Amazon PPC agency cases?
All Top Amazon PPC agencies present ready-made cases as proof of the effectiveness of their promotion strategy. However, more than just having cases is required. They also need to be carefully analyzed and researched. Mainly pay attention to their reliability and informativeness. In the specified examples, there should be accurate indicators and graphs that would show the dynamics of the development of the store before and after the approval of the advertising campaign.  An additional plus is all these indicators were confirmed by links, screenshots, and other graphic or video content. Pay attention to which stores your chosen marketing agency deals with. It is desirable that it promotes goods from your category or at least as close as possible to yours. After all, each group of products has a different promotion strategy. At the same time, whether these were huge stores or small new ones is unimportant. The main thing is to ensure that cooperation with the agency benefits.  
What does customer review mean for business?
When discovering Amazon PPC agency rates, it’s essential to look beyond what the company says about itself. Customer reviews also play a significant role. You can learn about people’s experiences while interacting with a specific agency. At the same time, reviews may not always be helpful enough either. It is necessary to interfere with the comprehensiveness and expertise of the comment. If it contains only one word, it doesn’t matter if it’s “Cool agency” or “I didn’t like it.” It’s too early to draw any conclusions. Ideally, reviews have the following:
  1. Describe a thorough experience in detail. The more extensive the feedback, the more valuable it will be for potential customers of the company. A good comment describes how long the client’s cooperation with the marketing agency lasted, for what purpose he turned to specialists and whether all conditions were met.
  2. There are real clients, not competitors or agency employees. This is often evident in the tone of the messages. Highly favorable and excellent comments look just as suspicious as hostile and aggressive ones.
  3. Name both pros and cons of cooperation with the agency. This will help look at the company’s features from all sides. After all, there can be something pleasant and repulsive in any experience.
  You can search for reviews directly on the marketing company’s website, thematic forums, or on the personal pages of clients on social networks.  
What else to pay attention to?
There are many criteria for choosing the best Amazon PPC agency for you. In addition to the two that we have already managed to analyze, we highlight the following:
  • honest and transparent pricing;
  • openness to dialogue, high-quality technical support for clients;
  • individual approach for each customer;
  • familiarization and work experience with your field activities;
  • cooperation with large projects, and long experience working with clients.
  PPC agencies allow you to set up a business development strategy that is right for you and keep up with the times, taking into account current trends in the field of marketing. The main thing is to analyze all the information the company provides about itself, evaluate ready-made cases, and pay attention to reviews. Then you can answer whether you are ready to cooperate with this agency.

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