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Results in 9 months
Monthly overall sales increased by $70 718.30
Monthly AD sales increased by $36 191.00
Monthly AD spending increased only by $14 205.48


$94 257.10
$9 768.03
$26 790.91

Overall Sales
ADS Spend
ADS Sales

$165 075.40
$23 973.51
$62 981.91

The client needed help to increase overall sales. He tried to work with different agencies but did not achieve desired results. He had the money for investments but could not find the right agency to spend profitably.

Our solution:
1. Detailed individual audit.
This is the first step for further partnership.
Our analytic team prepared a detailed presentation explaining how and where things can be improved, what was done wrong, and how to improve it.
2. Optimization of existing campaigns.
We implemented all the changes we represented in our detailed audit; also, we had experience with a similar niche, so we knew how to grow it and which approach should be used.
Based on the client’s goals, the optimization method can be different. Therefore, we do everything based on this.
3. New “shot” campaign’s structure.
We created more campaigns following our strategy to achieve the client’s goal.
With our strategy, we increased sales by $70 718.30 just in 5 months.

We create more Sponsored Display retargeting campaigns to advertise our products to people who have already viewed or purchased our products.
Also, we create Sponsored Brand ads to increase brand awareness, defend it, and with the proper optimization, make it profitable.
With Sponsored Product campaigns.

$94 257.10

Monthly Overall sales

$165 075.40


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